This course is going to solve the problems you face every day as you struggle with low or no energy.


Energy is vital for everyone, as without it disease and illness is very opportunistic. Energy drops and these culprits creep in and cause havoc.

In order to recover you will need energy and lots of it.

Do you find your energy swings from high to low?

  • Find yourself looking for energy boosters between 2 – 4pm and then find you cannot sleep if you give in and have a coffee and cake to lift you?
  • Find you wake up between 2 – 4am and feel you could get up as you are wide awake?
  • Fall asleep because you are exhausted only to wake a few hours later, head buzzing and cannot turn off the incessant internal chatter?

Well, your bio-rhythms are ‘out of whack’. 

I know that is a very technical term but you know what I mean. Life is all about rhythms and cycles and it is very important to consider balance with the rhythms and cycles.

In this short course, we will deal with balance and other aspects to help get that energy flowing through using down to earth, common-sense methods, that have stood the test of time. 

Folk Medicine has so much to offer.

My wish is to help take the very best and most useful aspects and share them, to help people achieve outstanding wellbeing.

Thank you for joining my Folk Medicine Revival Academy and please find happiness in every moment.

Dr Sandi Rogers ED.D., N.D Founder and CEO Folk Medicine Revival Academy